Mini-concerts at home

The Covid-19 crisis has deprived artists and audiences of the pleasure of sharing music in its usual format: concert seasons have been canceled up to 2021, venues have closed and performers’ incomes have vanished. Social networks are overflooded with music videos in an attempt to reach audiences… What if, instead of staring even more at our screens, we would just reinvent concerts on a smaller scale?

As a classical musician, although the crisis has put me and my profession in a critical situation, it has also reminded us of the value of live performance, human connection & how essential art/entertainment are to our lives. If you miss going to concerts & enjoying cultural interaction, I would love to play a mini-concert for you, in Switzerland, in a location to be determined – private, with a small audience of friends & family, respecting social distancing.

All I need is a chair.

Since I play viola da gamba, an early music instrument very popular in the 17th & 18th centuries, performing solo music in a small intimate circle makes all the sense in the world. At that time, music was composed for being played and enjoyed precisely like that, at home… so, unexpectedly, the crisis poses an exciting opportunity to experience the music as it was originally intended! Hearing & watching live music does not have to be reserved to an elite in big cities, it belongs to everyone. It is a priviledged moment happening between the musician & the listener, it cannot be replaced by a virtual alternative.

You may pay what you like: it can be based on the normal fee for a private concert, or on the price of a ticket for a concert in town, or simply what you are able to give at the moment.

To support this project of small-scale culture & organize a mini-concert, do not hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact form.