Mathilde Gomas met South African mezzo soprano Tessa Roos during their studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Throughout the projects that brought them together, they became aware of a common passion for a peculiar repertoire: the English songs of the early 17th century. […] It is the uncommon yet wonderful combination of a voice & a viol that the duet Mallory aims to explore. This unusual setting is a chance to reinvent a well-known repertoire but also to unveil gems from forgotten composers of the time.

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Mini-concerts at home

The current crisis has deprived artists and audiences of the pleasure of sharing music in its usual format: concert seasons have been canceled up to 2021, venues have closed and performers’ incomes have vanished. Social networks are overflooded with music videos in an attempt to reach audiences… What if, instead of staring even more at our screens, we would just reinvent concerts on a smaller scale?

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