Upcoming events

2021, May 8th: Concert ‘The King of Denmarks Delight‘ (Mallory & guests), Boutique Danoise (Basel, Switzerland) – 17:30

2021, June 20th: Concert ‘La Carte de Tendre’ with Giulio Tanasini, Eglise de La Tour-de-Peilz (Vaud, Switzerland) – 17:00

2021, August 21st: Solo recital, Chapelle du Dézaley (Vaud, Switzerland) – 17:00

Past events

2020, December 18th: Participation in the creation of Dièse, special edition of PAN (Publication d’Art Non linéaire)

2020, October 30th: Concert with The Little Light Consort, Museum of Instruments of Willisau (Willisau, Switzerland) – 19:30

2020, October 14th: Concert with ensemble Mandelkärn, Festtage Basel (Zinzendorfaus, Leimenstrasse 10, Basel, Switzerland) – 20:00

2020, August 30th: Solo recital at Eglise de La Rosiaz, in Pully (Vaud, Switzerland) – 16:00

2020, August 24th: Concert with ensemble Mandelkärn, church of Herrischried (Black Forest, Germany) – 17:00

2020, June 15th to 28th: Artist in residency in Maria Saal Kunsthalle (Maria Saal, Austria)